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Welcome to the section of our website devoted to the Solipsist Roleplaying game. Solipsist is a game of ultimate power, a place where there are no limits to your power except your own fears and limitations.

There are people who think so strongly and individually, that they can literally change reality, teasing out the fabric of the consensus and changing it. They are called Solipsists.

In this game you and your friends play a group of balanced Solipsists, struggling to fulfill your grandiose dreams, retain your desperate grip on reality, and fight the un-making of the Shadows before they can end the world for good.

A role-playing game about bending reality.

Solipsist is available to purchase online now.


Out of Stock!

Yes I've run out of Solipsist! Well not quite I have one copy left for sale, and IPR have a few left, but it's fast going out of print. Don't worry however, I will secure some extra copies.
2011-11-22 04:28:46

New online game

I'm running another online game on the Solipsist mailing list. You can read the game there and find supporting pages at Jassity
2011-02-18 05:21:51

Italian Solipsist selling well

The Italian edition of Solipsist is selling well, equaling the initial sales of the English edition a few years back. Indeed most of my English direct sales recently have been to Italians, so the game is going down very well over there. I have a couple of copies of the printed Italian edition and they are good looking books, thicker and a little smaller than the English versions, with new layout for the Shadows section and including all the errata that I've published here.
2010-10-21 05:39:56

Italian Edition of Solipsist

We are very pleased to announce that, in conjunction with Coyote Press over in Italy, we are about to release an Italian Translation of Solipsist, with new art, new corrections and new content included.

I've held off on announcing this because it was very much a work in progress, but now I've been given the official go-ahead to advertise, so here I go!

2010-02-24 01:40:57

Errata Revised

The errata page has been updated with all the changes that have come out of games so far, and also with entirely new text on how to create your Shadow Token pool.
2009-11-13 09:21:27
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